Frequently asked questions

How do I know my leaflets will be distributed to all households in the targeted areas?

Each of our distributors carrys a GPS GLONAS tracker. This allows accurate reporting of all of their footsteps whilst delivering your flyers.

I have had a cheaper quote elsewhere why should I use FlyerBox?

It takes between 6-8 hrs to deliver 1000 flyers. Miniumum wage is around £8ph. We charge £60 per thousand flyers roughly, although discount is applied for larger bookings. You do the maths for companies charging anything less than £50 per thousand. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DO THE JOB CHEAPER THAN WE CAN.

I don`t want my leaflets to be delivered to all types of consumers in the area, e.g. council housing.

All your leaflets will be delivered only to your specified target market using our state of the art demographic grouping software.

How do I know your leaflet distributors are any good?

We carefully select, train and motivate our leaflet posting team with in house incentives and pay them well above minimum wage whislt creating a fun and rewarding work environment within our teams.

What happens with my leftover leaflets?

We will distribute all the flyers you have paid for. FlyerBox will not waste any of your leaflets, every single one will be delivered, which will be reflected in the GPS tracks.

Can FlyerBox guarantee the full success of my marketing campaign?

No, because no company can. However, using FlyerBox is your best chance! If we said yes, than we would be lying. FlyerBox is an honest company as per our moto Tracked & Reliable. No leaflet delivery company can guarantee the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. The effectiveness of your campaign depends on many variables, such as the design of your leaflets, your prices, the quality of your products or services, your reputation, your website, your competitors. Furthermore, customers might not want to buy your services or products instantly, but they may purchase from you at a later date. FlyerBox can however advise you on how many leaflets you need to print to cover your target market area and guarantee that your leaflets will be delivered to the right target location chosen by you with our top-quality demographic software. Everything will also be GPS tracked with our state of the art equipment which no other company has! FACT FlyerBox will also advise how effective your flyer will be and offers a re-designing service to maximise your response rate.

Do you offer shared distribution?

No, it does not work, you save around 50% per thousand delivered but only cowboy companies offer it. Truthfully if you had 5 flyers on your doormat when you came home whats your instant reaction? Junk Mail? We only offer solus delivery so its only ever your flyer on the customers doormat, it doesn`t share attention with another flyer and has all the customers attention. This is the proven method that works.

How do I know the customer will see my flyer?

It is a FACT they will pick it up, so there is a 100% guarantee your flyer will be read. A recent study my microsoft showed on average people spend 3 seconds looking at something. If your flyer is designed well and relevant to them, more than likely you will secure a customer.