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Freshly arrived in August 2018, the French couple, Gaetan and Corinne had from the beginning the project to found a chocolate factory in the country. 

After five years in India where they were hoteliers and learned to make chocolate from their partner, the couple chose Cambodia because "no one had yet made 100% local chocolate, from the bean to the bar in the country".

In July 2019, the French couple will launch the first chocolate made in Cambodia from beans grown in the Kingdom.


We aim is to create dark chocolate with unique flavours from Cambodia and bring Cambodian chocolate on the world map of cacao through the unique artisanal bean to bar process.


We are proud to say we execute every step in this unique process and believe it leads to better chocolate in termsof quality,  avour and purity.

Our beans are single origin. This means that every cacao bean in a bar of chocolate comes from the same region.

Just like wine, cacao beans grown in one region or farm will have ‘terroir’ which means that they will develop flavours specific to the climate, farming and processing.

By using this we ensure purity in  flavour dedicated to a specific region.


For the first time in history, there is Cambodian cacao. Cambodia is the 67th country worldwide producing cacao.


The Farm takes the honour to put Cambodia for the first time on the world map as a cacao-producing country.


Nobody ever tried this before. The French tried it 100 years ago in Vietnam but simply forgot about «the Kingdom of Wonder».


With its tropical climate and temperatures around 23°C all year round. The province of Mondulkiri is the ideal place to grow cocoa.

In action since 2014, the company "Kamkav Farm" has become the main supplier of cocoa for WAT. KamKav Farm now works with 10 local farms and part of their missions is to shift perception toward the land as a place for long-term projects, so that farmers start looking further in the future than just the next harvest.



We have been working with La Plantation since ... to offer you ever more sophisticated products.
We are even more proud that this pepper comes from Cambodia !

Freshness is an essential guarantee of the quality of the spices they produce. The production site is a controlled environment with trained teams, guaranteeing compliance with international standards in terms of hygiene and food safety.

Our most popular chocolate bar

with Fresh Salted Kampot pepper!


Established in 2019, the Siem Reap factory is the place where dried cocoa beans are transported to be processed into chocolate. It is here that the final process of the Bean-to-Bar occurs. 

The doors are open to visitors, for more information click here.

You can also stop by and buy our products. Open Monday to Saturday, 2pm to 5pm.



Since 2022, we have been offering a place for our customers to come and taste, buy and enjoy a gourmet break in Phnom Penh. You can taste our chocolate products in Phnom Penh, either on the spot or to take away!

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